About Bay Area French Tutor

Bay Area French Tutor offers one-on-one or group tutoring to adults and children. Tutoring is personalized and tailored to the needs of students. We also offer immersion classes for those traveling to France on short notice.

We cover the following:
– Grammar and vocabulary
– Sequence of tenses
– Pronunciation and accent
– Idiomatic expressions
– False cognates
– And much more…

– East Bay, within the triangle Hayward-Walnut Creek-Richmond
– San Francisco
– Marin County, within the triangle Novato-Fairfax-Sausalito
– The Peninsula and South Bay

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One-on-One Tutoring

We offer basic, intermediate and advanced French classes, tailored to students’ needs.

If you wish to improve your speaking skills, or refresh your French for an upcoming trip to France, we will focus on vocabulary, pronunciation and accent. If your needs are more academic, emphasis will be placed on grammar, prepositions, sequence of tenses, false cognates, etc. Otherwise, we do a combination of both.

Students take home fun sentences to be translated. Special emphasis is placed on grammar points and other stumbling blocks that make French an interesting but challenging language to learn.


Intensive Programs

If you need to go to France or any French-speaking country, we offer intensive classes. We meet 3, 4 or 5 times a week, and follow a special program designed for your needs.

We offer Skype support while abroad.

Oakland French Meetups


We now offer French Conversation Groups for Beginners
and Advanced Students on Sundays. Become a member of our
and join us for an hour and a half of conversation.



Join us for our next MEETUP
at Oakland’s Lake Chalet Restaurant

on Sunday, May 19th, 2019


PASCALE, Tutor & Owner of Bay Area French Tutor

My name is Pascale; I am originally from Béziers, France and I have been living in the Bay Area since 1998, and in the United States for much longer.

I have a Ph.D. in Egyptology and a Master’s degree in French literature. I am passionate about ancient Egypt, and about the history of my home area, Languedoc, the land of the troubadours, courtly love, and the Cathar heresy.

I make a point of tailoring my classes to the needs of my students, children and adults alike. Everyone is different, and I try to accommodate those differences as best I can.


My name is Christelle; I was born and raised in Rennes, France. I studied English, French literature and music in my hometown, at the University Rennes II. I honed in on teaching skills that I later developed during many travels: a valuable formal and informal education.

Teaching French to diverse student populations whose learning and social functioning levels cover a wide spectrum is a passion. I pride myself on bringing the right measure of enthusiasm into a stimulating learning environment, imparting knowledge with fun and real-world perspectives.

I am also an avid music lover and performer.


My name is Véronique; I was born in a French family in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My paternal grandparents preserved their European roots and shared with me the French culture and the love for reading and cooking.

I have a French Teacher degree from the Lenguas Vivas Institut and a Bachelor’s degree in French language from UMSA University with over 15 years experience in tutoring to a diverse public. I studied French & Comparative Literature at Paris-Sorbonne University, before taking several courses related to teaching techniques at University of Buenos Aires.

My classes are designed to meet the individual needs of my students, and always offer the enjoyment of learning a language and exploring its culture.


Born and raised in Paris, France, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Education that led me to be an elementary teacher for 20 years. My teaching career started in Paris before moving to New York City. Later on, I ended up at the International School of The Peninsula in Palo Alto where I worked for 14 years.

Over the years, I have enjoyed teaching a wide range of students: children, high school students as well as adults. My long and rich experience allows me to teach any French level from beginning to advanced levels. I feel proud to share my knowledge of “the language of Molière” as well as French culture in the USA.

I am the mother of a 9-year-old boy and strive to keep my mind open and curious, and my body fit and flexible.


Born in Kabylia, Algeria, my name is Mustapha and I grew up in a French-speaking environment. Later I studied engineering, but I eventually returned to my passion that is the French language. I taught French as a foreign language in Libya for four years, before moving to California three years ago.

I continue to teach French in the Bay Area, and to share my love for the French language.

I am also passionate about drama (I teach drama at the French High School in San Francisco).


My name is Beatrice. As a “French Army Brat” I have lived in many places in France – relocating every other year. I have now lived in the Bay Area longer than anywhere else.

I attended Lyon Business School and worked as a Time Management and Personal Organization Consultant for large French Corporations. Since I settled in the Bay Area, I have been a substitute Cooking teacher and French Teacher in High School teaching all levels from French 1 to AP French and IB French.

I particularly enjoy one-on-one tutoring and seeing the “light bulb” moment when students finally understand a concept they were previously struggling with. As a non-native English speaker I can relate to their difficulties and provide explanations (linguistic and grammatical) that will stick with them.

My passions are traveling, sport (ski, bike or roller), reading, idioms and any form of puns.


Born and raised in Beaune, Burgundy, France, I am an artist, educator and designer. I particulary enjoy teaching French one-on-one to adults as well as children. It gives me an opportunity to connect, and share my language and my culture. Each class is customized to the individual needs of my students.

I hold a Master’s degree in Art from Dijon, France and a Bachelor from Otis Parson’s Institute of Art in Los Angeles. My teaching career started in the US at the Buckley’s school in Los Angeles before moving to  the Bay Area in 1994. I taught French at the Berlitz School of Languages and later Art at the International School of The Peninsula in Palo Alto.

Performing arts, 5-elements medicine and cooking are some of the topics and activities I am interested in.


My name is Estelle; I am from Paris, France and I have been living in the U.S. since 2005. I have a Master in Business Law, a specialized diploma in European Business Law, and a degree in English legal terminology. I have practiced more than ten years as an in-house legal counsel and gave some classes to law students for a few years.

Since I have been in the Bay Area, I started focusing on teaching, which is something I really enjoy doing: first with EFBA (French classes for kids), then as a private tutor. I love working with kids, teens and adults. I always tailor my classes to the needs and preferences of my students.

I love reading, both in French and in English. I also enjoy being outdoors hiking.


My name is Laurence and I am a native French teacher.

I was born in Bar-le-Duc, a small town in the Lorraine region in the north east of France, where I spent my childhood and my youth with my family.

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in the Romance Languages at Strasbourg University, a Master’s degree in Portuguese Language, Culture and Literature from Bordeaux University, and a second Master’s degree in Language Sciences, with emphasis in teaching French as a foreign language from the University in Perpignan.

I have been teaching French for 10 years. I have always been passionate about languages and have dedicated my career to learning and teaching.


ELEN GALES, Founder of Channel Human Creatives and Director of Marketing for Bay Area French Tutor

Originally from the Philippines, I lived in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Nepal. In 2001, I worked with Young Asia Television in Colombo, Sri Lanka, before helping to produce television documentaries for international NGOs on issues relating to human rights, sustainable development, environmental conservation as well as cultures and lifestyles in Asia.

I discovered photography in 2006 in Kathmandu. Poverty had been the central theme, and the bitter winter of Nepal gave it a more profound background. My work was published in a 4-page spread at B & W Magazine in the fall of 2009.

In 2007, I moved to Northern California and continued experimenting with complex lighting, textures and various genres both in still and moving photography. In 2011, I had my first solo exhibit, “Familiar Stranger” at Art Works Downtown in San Rafael, soon followed by “See Through”, a solo photo exhibition at Art People Gallery in downtown San Francisco, celebrating beauty through digital image layering techniques and transparency elements.

CHANNEL HUMAN CREATIVES is a creative startup that works on social media campaigns, branding & identity, and growth marketing strategies. We create human-centered campaigns to form meaningful connections between people and brands.

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