Please note: All classes are currently taught ONLINE.

What does Bay Area French Tutor do?

Bay Area French Tutor receives requests for French tutoring and refers those requests to independent French tutors. Once the referral to the tutor has been made, the student only deals with her tutor, including for scheduling and payment.

Who are the tutors?

All the tutors we refer our students to are French natives with years of teaching experience. For more information, check out each tutor’s profile on our Tutors page.

What services do the tutors provide?

The tutors offer one-on-one tutoring. They create a curriculum based on the needs and goals of each of their students.

What teaching method/materials do the tutors use?

Each tutor has her own teaching method and materials. When we refer you to your new tutor, she will share all of these details with you.

What is the cost, and how do I schedule a class?

The tutors set their own rates, and take care of their own scheduling. Fill the contact form at the bottom of our homepage, let us know your needs and goals, and you will be matched to the right tutor.

Where do the tutors meet their students?

This is something you need to discuss directly with the tutor. Usually the tutors meet their adult students in a public place such as a café. They meet their younger students in their homes, provided there is an adult in the house. 

Is online tutoring possible?

Yes! Zoom, Skype, FaceTime… Your tutor will discuss with you the best way to connect for classes.