French Conversation and Workshops

Laurence, one of the tutors we partner with, offers  workshops and conversation classes, online and in person. Check out the options below and contact us for more information! 

L’Apéroclasse (in person)- Last Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm

For intermediate to advanced students. The class takes place in a wine bar in San Francisco. The tutor chooses a topic which the class spends 1.5 hrs discussing over a glass of wine and some cheese. Limited to 6 people so everyone has an opportunity to speak.

PRICE : $85 per person (includes a glass of wine and cheese).

L’Apéroclasse (online)- Tuesdays at 7:00pm

You can have “apéro” from home while joining a small group for a one-hour discussion on Zoom. French news will be discussed so you will need to have some knowledge of French current events. Limited to 5 people.

PRICE : $25 per person.

Sortie au Musée (in person)- Third Saturday of the month at 2:00pm

A two-hour class divided in two parts : The first hour is devoted to the visit of an exhibit in a San Francisco museum. The second hour is spent in the museum cafeteria exchanging opinions and impressions about the exhibit. Limited to 6 people.

PRICE : $75 per person (includes the ticket to the museum).

Conversation and Pastries (in person)- Second Saturday of the month at 3:00pm

Meet Laurence in a San Francisco patisserie for one hour of French conversation, over tea/coffee and pastries. Limited to 5 people.

PRICE : $65 per person (includes tea/coffee and pastry).

Book Club for Kids (online) – Thursdays at 6:00pm during the school year 

For children 10-11 years old. The teacher will choose a book aligned with the level and interets of the children. Assigned reading each week will be discussed during the class. 3 books a year, 10 weeks dedicated to each book. 

PRICE : $45 per person.

Group Class (online) – Once a week

A class over Zoom with a maximum of 6 people. Everyone must be at the same level.

PRICE : $45 per person.

Grammar Workshop (online) – Saturdays at 11am

Spend one hour with Laurence reviewing those points of French grammar that trip you up! This workshop is for levels A1 to B1 and is limited to 5 people.

PRICE : $30 per person.

Pronunciation Workshop (online) – Saturdays at 9:00am (30 minutes)

This workshop is meant to enhance students’ pronunciation of French. Every Saturday, class will focus on a specific sound so the students can improve their accent and communication skills in French. Limited to 4 students.  

PRICE : $25 per person.

Book Club for Adult Beginners [Level A2](online)- Mondays at 7:00pm 

The teacher will choose a book, and during each session the students will discuss the reading assigned the week prior to the class. Limited to 5 students.  

PRICE : $35 per person.